2021 Usra Tuner Rules

Current portfolio structure as of March 22, 2021 (unless otherwise stated) “We`ve really stepped up our game over the past few seasons in terms of researching, testing and studying the results of the different sets of rules on the track,” said Bryce Hall, Director of Track Operations. “We believe we have a superior and strong set of rules compared to the alternative, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of sanctioned circuits.” General Competition Rules 2016: Boxster Spec Class BSR & BSX As of January 1, 2016 – including changes from 11/29/15 Questions regarding these rules should be directed to the Competition Director POC 1 2021 USRA TUNER RULES Published on December 4, 2020 THE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS SET FORTH HEREIN ARE INTENDED TO ENSURE THE SMOOTH RUNNING OF RACING EVENTS AND ESTABLISH REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE FOR SUCH EVENTS. THESE RULES GOVERN THE STATE OF THE SPEEDWAY EVENTS, AND BY PARTICIPATING IN THESE EVENTS, IT IS ASSUMED THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS AT THE RACECOURSE HAVE ADHERED TO THESE RULES. NO WARRANTY OF SECURITY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WILL ARISE FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS. THEY ARE INTENDED TO GUIDE THE CONDUCT OF SPORT AND DO NOT CONSTITUTE A GUARANTEE AGAINST INJURY OR DEATH OF PARTICIPANTS, SPECTATORS OR OTHER PERSONS. These regulations stipulate that certain products must meet and/or recommend certain specifications. These products are manufactured to meet or exceed certain criteria and are labelled as such as soon as they meet those criteria. Any changes to these products will void this certification. Under no circumstances may a certified product be changed from the state of manufacture or this certification expires. Changes and additions to the USRA Tuner Rules for 2020 are underlined and highlighted in red. Changes made for grammatical purposes or to improve clarity are not highlighted. All participants and officials are expected and should be familiar with the definitions and details of USRA`s general rules, regulations, and procedures. The United States Racing Association is hereinafter referred to simply as USRA in the description of the regulations.

USRA officials include all employees employed by the participating circuit as public servants. TABLE OF CONTENTS Article 1: Bodywork Article 2: Roll bars Article 3: Frame Article 4: Cockpit, steering and seat Article 5: Suspension Article 6: Electrical system Article 7: Fuel system Article 8: Tyres and wheels Article 9: Braking system Article 10: Drive shaft Article 11: Transmission Article 12: Rear Article 13: Engine Article 14: Weight Article 15: Safety Article 16: Enforcement procedure Amendments ARTICLE 1: BODYWORK 1.1 Any small car with front-wheel drive and three- or four-cylinder engine is permitted. All cars must remain strictly O.E.M. with an unchanged O.E.M. body. Station wagons, convertibles, Honda CRXs and/or two-seater sports cars are not allowed. 1.2 The maximum wheelbase shall be one hundred and seven (107) inches with a maximum difference of one (1) inch from side to side. O.E.M.

steel only an unchanged floor. The internal wings should not be removed. The hood and trunk lid/hatch must be securely secured. All doors must be securely welded or bolted. All glass, exterior lights, chrome, plastic trim and hood insulation must be removed. The hood can be eviscerated. The hyphen can be removed or remain in place. A maximum of seven (7) inches of front and rear sun visor is allowed.

The Opera window can be closed. Skirting boards are allowed, but must keep O.E.M. in appearance. For the rules for 2022, click here: Sport Compact Rules 2022 Renewal The spaces reserved for the stands can now be purchased online until 19 JANUARY 2021. We will update and republish the following table, with the remaining seats open to others who wish to purchase after this date. 6 16.14 The first refusal to accept a claim will result in the suspension of that driver from all USRA events for thirty (30) days and until a fine of $1,000 is paid. The second refusal to accept a claim will result in the suspension of that driver from all usRA events for one (1) year and until a fine of $5,000 is paid, any driver who makes a claim on behalf of another person will forfeit all points accumulated so far for the entire season, all cash winnings and quotas for that event. and will be suspended from all events for thirty (30) days and until a fine of $1,000 is paid, sabotage of the claimed parts will result in the suspension of the driver of all events for fourteen (14) days and until a fine of $1,000 is paid. The driver will also lose all points accumulated up to the event in which the sabotage took place. In addition, the Driver loses the privilege of making a claim for a period of one (1) year from the date the sabotage occurred The Driver may make a claim a maximum of three (3) times during the calendar year. The track reserves the right to reject any claim at its sole discretion Drivers who have a provisional starting position in the main event cannot make a claim in this event At their sole discretion, officials reserve the right to claim any car Drivers are entitled to make a claim at the first event of the season.

After an event, the driver must have participated in previous events before the rule is applied Disqualification does not affect a legal claim. The requested parts are removed and transferred before the penalties are imposed. AMENDMENTS None. ## United States Racing Association, Inc. (USRA) P.O. Box 905, Webster City, IA Office: (515) Fax: (515) usraracing.com Darlo Mulder, Competition Director: (515) Copyright United States Racing, LLC.


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